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Our DM Support Group has grown so rapidly, that the message boards are now housed at the following URL: www.mzjf.info/Forums Clicking this link will take you to the message boards. You must sign up to participate on the boards. You will not be spammed and your email/private information will never be given to others. Registering keeps our boards secure, ensures the integrity of the board, and keeps our boards spam free :)

Please direct any and all questions pertaining to DM to the DM Message Boards. Questions will be answered, once posted to that board. With over half a million visitors, and rising, daily, it is impossible to answer each email, individually. Thank you :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please only use numbers or letters when creating your user name and password. Non-alpha-numeric characters (such as apostrophes, commas, and hyphens) will cause an error when you attempt to log on to the discussion board.

IMPORTANT NOTE to all AOL members: Due to some of our discussion board's security features, you should use a stand-alone browser such as IE, Firefox, or Opera when accessing the board. You may be able to access the board with the AOL browser, however, you will frequently be asked to login and any messages that you are writing at that point will be lost. Sorry for the inconvenience, however, the security feature is important in preventing damage to the board.

~ Thank you.

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