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The Best of the Web Gold Award
By TheWebStudio.net


To: mz66@aol.com
From: webmaster@thewebstudio.net

Congratulations You Won the Gold,

We have reviewed your site and found it to be creative and full of content.
You have won the "The Best Of The Web Award."

What your site offers is a useful Service to the Internet community. Your site is easy to use, friendly and graphically pleasing ! Overall we believe it belongs on our list of award winners. Your site enhances the originality of our Internet community.

I hope this encourages you to keep up your great work.

We are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we like what we are doing. We don't like keeping the sites who deserve winning the award waiting, we also return later, to those who were passed over, to see if a site has improved if so then we give the Award or up grade the site.

You can retrieve your award at the Award Winners page:


Here are the Instructions:

- Click on any link it takes you to our main page
- click on: "Award Winners" right bottom
- Click on: "Gold Winner"

You will need to enter your username and Password this is case sensitive:

Username: ****
Password: ******

Please do not alter the image in any way including size and/or format (unless you ask our permission)

You should also know, that our award program is independent from our web site subject, Our award is given on the merit of the site alone, it's for every site that meets our award program guidelines (content and design etc...).
You are not obligated to accept the award or link to our site.

What we ask you in exchange of the Award is simple, we like to have our work recognized by our visitors: So our main reward or thanks from our visitors is to have you, interact with our site, so please:Use our services.

Keep up the good work, you earned it.

Best Regards,
Garrett Sargent
The Web Studio

Winners are also featured in our newsletter
DirtyTips Weekly read online at:

PS: when we review a site, we review about 90% of it, NEVER the awards page at a site. We do keep a Database of our award winners

For all your Questions or Comments:

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The Best of the Web By TheWebStudio.net

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