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Scarlett's Party Animal Award


To: mz66@aol.com
From: zilla@escape.ca (Jill Dickin)

Hi Margy

I am honored to present you with Scarlett's Party Animal Award!  I have previously been to your site and visited Jack Flash and all the info on DM, you do an outstanding job with your promotion and help with this disease.  I thank my lucky stars daily that my "kids" have stayed healthy and free of this awful disease, touch wood.  The information available through your efforts is second to none.

By the way, I for one miss you on the show list..........  I know there was a controversey a while back and then you were gone.  I tend to skim a lot of the posts in the summer as I work way too many hours to be sane, but you did make wonderful contributions to the list.  And how is your little guy?

I would like to put links from my pages to your site for DM information if that is okay.  And thank you so much for visiting my site, hope you enjoyed all the pics.  The Scarlett award may need to be sized to fit your needs on your page.


Jill Dickin, Winnipeg, Manitoba ICQ22520882
CH Squirrel TT HIC,
Always Loved CH Boomer CD, TT

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Scarlett's Party Animal Award

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