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The Johnny Lightning Award For Web Page Excellence


To: MZ66@aol.com
From: wbss@pacifier.com (wbss)


Hello Marjorie Zimmerman/Tom Cammarata,

Your story about you beloved friend brought us alot of tears this evening.  We have a very special friend also, our Rottweiler Elvis.   Everything you said this evening is true about the dog.  Our dog is our best friend and always will be.  We bought him as a little pup 10 weeks old.  He fell asleep in my husband's arms.  That's the one we wanted.  We do admit Elvis is spoiled, but he has brought alot of joy into our lives.  We also bookmarked your story this evening.  It will help us later on, because our vet stated that this particular breed has hip problems too.  Very informative information that will help us later on.  Elvis is ok, he will be 2 years old in September.  He is very healthly, active and playful.  We enjoyed your story very much.  We both love animals very much and we both feel loss of your beloved Jack Flash.

Kornelia & John L. Walker

Please keep reading this message.

You have won: "The Johnny Lightning Award For Web Page Excellence"

Johnny Lightning is a nick-name given to me from one of my co-workers of where I work.  Because of the speed and accuracy that I put forth in getting my assignments done.  The "Double Lightning Bolts" pictured in the award, is a rare phenomenon of nature.  But when used in this award, it exemplifies your "RARE AND PHENOMENAL WEB SITE".  And we feel your site deserves this award for all your hard work that you put into it.

Your site is well done and easy to navigate.

It is nice to see that someone as yourself takes pride in their work.  Your site is a definite contribution to the Internet as a whole.  We will return to your site from time -to- time to visit, when our time permits.

Let us know when you have placed the award on your site via E-mail.  We will then ADD you to our winners list.

We have but one request :  Please link the award back to our site, so that others who see our award will have the same chance as you did to win it.  Link it to http://members.spree.com/business/1342


Surf Safe & Surf Cool

Kornelia Walker
Owner of Walkers' Business Support Services
Web Site Awards Judge
John L. Walker
Co-Owner of Walkers' Business Support Services
Web Master / Web Site Designer
Web Site Awards Judge
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The Johnny Lightning Award For Web Page Excellence

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