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The Don "Hats Off" Award


To: MZ66@aol.com
donald@mcdonald.net (Donald McDonald)

Hello there Marjorie

Firstly, let me apologise for the delay in responding.

Congratulations, you are a winner of the Don "Hats Off" Award.  In reviewing your site I have found it to be beautifully designed and well presented.

You should be very proud of making the web a better place.

----------------------Brief Review Here-----------------------

Very informative and enlightening.
A good mix of solid information and personal.

Beautifully presented.
I liked the consistency of style, theme and colours.
Navigation was easy to use and well designed.

*********************Other Comments*********************

As a dog lover and owner, I find it difficult to read or hear of dogs dying.  It really breaks me up and I'll confess to a tear or three while visiting your site.  That you have celebrated, rejoiced and shared Jack Flash's life is what makes it such a positive thing.  A great site.


The purpose of this award is to raise standards and encourage better design.

If you wish to accept our award, please load the attached graphic to your server, and you can use the following HTML code snippet with the graphic on your page of choice.  You may reduce the image if you wish, but if you could let me know first so I can approve it.

Hats Off Award The Don 'Hats Off' Award

Upon receiving this award, a note of acknowledgment would be greatly appreciated.  And, if you choose to accept this award, let us know when it's posted, so we can add your site to our winners list.  Thank you for your interest...  and continued good luck with your web site!

Donald McDonald
Don Unlimited : the e-zine for easin' for no particular reason

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Hats Off Award

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