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To: mz66@aol.com
From: portserv@es.co.nz (Rhonda)

Welcome to ** STARFIRE **


Your Web site has been awarded the Level 4 Rated elite, elusive, exclusive


PLEASE NOTE: You may safely save to your hard drive the attachment from this email. All email attachments from Otakou New Zealand Online are Triple Viral checked PRIOR to mailing. Do you have an Award on offer? Like to consider listing your Award with the new MILLENNIUM AWARDS at http://www.redrival.com/millaward/ - A Website/Award Submission form is available online.

Sorry Marjorie - but you HAVE DONE IT AGAIN .... we have extended our Starfire Awards program and GUESS WHAT????

Your website qualified for entry into the ** BEST OF STARFIRE AWARD ** competition with an adjudication of 90/100+ (which is the base entry level for this competition) and we would like to offer you our recognition with the above Award. As the Best of Starfire Award is offered to one recipient only on a yearly basis, it is felt that our worthy and highly valued qualifiers were not being appropriately recognized, and thus the ** BEST OF STARFIRE QUALIFIER AWARD ** is born.

If you have a problem accessing your Award from this email please access and save to your hard drive the Award from http://www.redrival.com/otakou/awardsamples.htm

Again, as normal for this program, being a recipient of the ** BEST OF STARFIRE QUALIFIER AWARD ** carries, for you, two obligations only:
1)  That if your web site ever reverts to an adult orientated site, therefore becoming an unsafe surf area for children, your ** BEST OF STARFIRE QUALIFIER AWARD ** will be revoked immediately.
2)  That the ** BEST OF STARFIRE QUALIFIER AWARD ** must be linked back to both our web sites which are as follows:

OTAKOU NEW ZEALAND ONLINE http://www.redrival.com/otakou/ and UFO's - THE BEGINNING OF A NEW WORLD http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/2301/

INFORMATION FOR RECIPIENTS WHO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH DUAL LINKING: A dual linking may be achieved by inserting one link into the award graphic online with the remaining link being placed as a textual link underneath your Award.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS ..... Rhonda and Karen ** STARFIRE AWARD **

OTAKOU NEW ZEALAND ONLINE and UFO'S - A BEGINNING OF A NEW WORLD are associated with and are members of many multiple Awards programs plus we also provide our own Awards programs. We are partners in the prestigious STARFIRE AWARDS PROGRAM (view details online) which is separate from our individual Awards programs. Please apply for our particular Site Awards at our individual Web sites. Otakou New Zealand Online is also a Member of the International Web Masters Association http://iwanet.org and the HTML Writers Guild http://www.hwg.org

Click on any one of the 2 Starfire Qualifier Awards that you see below...
The award on the left takes you to "OTAKOU NEW ZEALAND ONLINE"
The award on the right takes you to "UFO's - THE BEGINNING OF A NEW WORLD"


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